From Gallo-Roman's time to the Industrial Era

In the city center, the roman theatre is both famous for its size (one of the largest in Europe) and for being a real open-air museum that turns into a musical venue during the summer. The "Temple d’Auguste et de Livie", the Pyramid and the archaeological garden of Cybèle are historic relics that beautifully stand out against the cityscape.

Vienne is also a Holy City ; its religious buildings (Eglise Saint-Pierre, Cloître Saint André le Bas, Cathédrale Saint Maurice), influenced by the establishment of some of the first Christian communities, are also very remarkable.  Home to over 40 monuments or listed sites and 5 museums – not so bad for a city of only 35,000 inhabitants! – Vienne was awarded by the French Ministry of Culture with the title of “City of Art and History”.

On the Rhône’s right bank, the site of Saint-Romain-en-Gal - Vienne welcomes over 80,000 visitors a year, covers several acres and is one of the most beautiful museums and archaeological sites in France and Europe.

You’ll also find some natural and cultural treasures all over Vienne’s area, such as the medieval jewel of the Château de Septème, its ramparts and its pets peaocks!

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