ViaRhôna,  The new cycle destination along the Rhône

ViaRhôna is a 815 km green cycle path, still under construction, which will eventually link Lake Geneva with the beaches of the Mediterranean. The project offers users a great opportunity to discover, in a fun, family-friendly way, the many tourist attractions in the areas it crosses. In addition to cycling, this “soft” itinerary provides the means of developing a sustainable form of tourism, bringing together the different geographical areas along its route whilst offering a very varied range of tourism options : cultural, heritage, river, wine and gastronomic tourism. The route takes tourists along the river Rhône, via alpine mountains to the beaches of the Camargue, travelling through the iconic landscapes of southern Provence : hilltop villages, lavender fields and olive groves. By summer 2017, the ViaRhôna itinerary will have permanent or temporary signage along the whole route.

What is the ViaRhôna ?

ViaRhôna is a cycle path which has been created along the river Rhône, or in close proximity to it (65% of the route) which enables people to literally follow the river. The itinerary is open to two different types of traffic : either a safe “green way”, available only for cyclists (or non motorised forms of transport), or a cycle route : a route that is shared with cars and therefore less suited to family use.

An itinerary that explores the Rhône-Alpes’ heritage

Each stage enables users to discover the diversity of the region. From alpine landscapes to the urban river banks in the centre of Lyon, from the terraced vineyards of the Côtes du Rhône to the châteaux of Saint-Vallier or Tournon, the variety of tourist attractions is endless. This highlights how well the Viarhôna can enhance water and river-based activities alongside cultural activities and local farm or vine-produced items. Discovering the culture of the Rhône can either be done by following the river itself or by staying nearby and branching further out into the départements, making use of the green ways which start from the ViaRhôna and push deeper into new territories. Today more than ever, the ViaRhôna is going full speed ahead with increasing numbers of new businesses setting up to provide services along the itinerary. Furthermore, the destination is proving popular with European clienteles.

A green lane devoted to roaming

Bridging the Alps and the Mediterranean, ViaRhôna will eventually snake 650 km along the Rhône through 3 regions. Starting from Vienne or Saint-Romain-en-Gal, over 50 km along the river enables visitors to explore some of the Rhône’s banks, experience the exceptional river heritage and explore the riverside. A great opportunity to stroll, cycle, skate or ride a scooter along the banks of the Rhône.