Discovering Vienne by new tourist train

As of next spring 2017, hop on the "Vienne City Tram", the brand new tourist train, set up by the tourist office. As you are comfortably settled in glazed wagons, safed from potential bad weather tours are organised regularly between March to november from wednesday to sunday.
You could choose your own comments' language thanks to a independant audio system. You will fully enjoy the explanations whereever you seat (front or rear of the train). Vienne City Tram can le train can contain up to 47 persons.
 Various options are avalaible :

  • Full privatization : whatever you are 10, 30 or more, Vienne City Tram is fully booked for your group ! We can freely choose between your schedules, start point and tour's lengh
  • Organized Tour : you may register on suggested  scheduled city tours as a small group and get a discount rate. City tour are organised from wednesday to sunday as well as vineyard tour

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