Outdoor activities Centre Wam Park Lyon-Condrieu

Just 40 minutes from Lyon, come and get a breath of fresh air at Wam Park! Featuring a beach with a wide range of facilities, the leisure centre is the ideal place for a relaxing day out or a weekend with your family.
Just a few miles south of Vienne and near the ViaRhôna cycling trail, come and enjoy a restful stay with your...
The Accro Kids trail is an adventure park to delight children of all ages! The children make their way from tree to...
At the Wam Park leisure centre, come and try out the Water Games, a set of bouncy castles on the water, for ages 5...
Come and get a breath of fresh air at the Condrieu outdoor leisure centre and try your hand at standup paddleboarding!
For swimmers aged 10 and over, cable skiing is a leisure activity to enjoy with an instructor. On the Wam Park lake...
Ideal for an outing with friends or family, the Mini Golf club welcomes all ages and all levels on two 9-hole courses!


 Base de Loisirs Condrieu
1 Allée de la Presqu'île
69420 Condrieu
Tel: +33(0)6 13 63 45 63